Short and Curly is the first Amazon Kindle book collection of short stories and poems by 43 writers from the Bourne to Write creative writing workshops in Eastbourne and Lewes. Short and Curly is available on Amazon worldwide.

Short and Curly Kindle book on

“With contributions from 43 writers, and a range of style and subject matter as diverse as might be expected from such a large group of writers, Short & Curly keeps the mind engaged. From light, amusing anecdotes and evocative narratives, to dark, thought provoking pieces – some that, to my surprise, brought a tear to my eye – this collection warrants a place on anyone’s virtual bookshelf.” Ingenue Magazine Autumn 2015

Some of the pieces in the collection were written as timed 20-minute exercises in the workshops, so they come to you spitting hot from the pressurised forge of desperation. Others are more considered weekly homework pieces that have been pared down to the austere maximum word counts I impose. These range from 400 to 600 words and sometimes any number in between that takes my fancy.

Quite often I’ll give the writers the same title or the same opening line to work with. Mostly they shared the same theme or subject. The results however, are all unique. Creating a complete fictional world in less than 600 words is the sort of thing that keeps a writer awake after lunch and it’s all here in short, sharp, beautiful bursts.

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