the-wedding-party1Personalised poems for all occasions

Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday or a message you want to send to a loved one, a humorous personalised poem can turn a special occasion into a memorable one.

Our personalised poems are individually written and could be a few lines long, or a few pages long. We will talk to you about how long you want your verse to last and what effect you want it to have on your audience. We really know how to rhyme and scan, and stick closely to your words and ideas.

Don’t worry about making notes, as we will send you a list of questions to help you come up with material. When it’s finished, we will be happy to chat with you over the telephone about presenting your poem.

A poem normally takes 3 weeks to complete, but we’ll do our best to accommodate your request if its short notice.


Poem up to 24 lines (6 verses)    – £50
Poem up to 48 lines (12 verses)  – £95
Poem up to 70 lines (20 verses) – £145

You can pay by cheque, bacs or Paypal. To discuss your personalised poem call us on 07758 367479 or email

Poetry Examples:




Our Jess

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Happy Birthday Caterina

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You Couldn’t Stop Brian

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Hey Brother!

Paddy, you know I’m not a man of few words,

But to write you a poem, may to you, seem absurd.

Cos a poet I’m not on any normal occasion,

But today I’ve decided is a big celebration!

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Dear Alan…

Sweet dreams are made by you,

I want you to know what is really true,

You travelled the world and the seven seas,

But you wouldn’t find in any of these,

The love we have for you dear Bruv.

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The Honeymooners

All this happened, more or less
With Jim’s proposal and a sweet caress
“I love you dear what do you say?”
“Why yes,” said Pam “let’s name the day!”

We’ll book our honeymoon in Spain
And fingers crossed it doesn’t rain
“Can my mother come as well?”
Said Pam to Jim who said “what the hell!”

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Action Man

Dear Sir or Madam or whatever you are
I seem to be missing my ‘diddely-dar’
While I’ve looked up and down and all over the place
Where it should be is just a bit of a space

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Dearest Diary

My dearest diary, I’m feeling quite sad,

I think my poor Philip is going a bit mad.

It started last night – I have to confide,

When he told me to turn my face to the side.

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