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“To the writing groups – especially Roddy Phillips and fellow writers in Bourne to Write. Thank you for accepting me and always being free with your praise and feedback when I just needed to believe this was possible. You not only cleared a space for me but encouraged me and forced me to produce the next instalment, giving me the impetus I needed.” Shevlyn Mottai author of Across the Kala Pani published by Penguin Random House South Africa

‘I love the Zoom workshop format, its more involving and sharing work onscreen is a bonus. I now have a new group of friends with a common interest all over the country. Plus I don’t have to arrange childcare or leave the house!’ Carol Stenning –  Zoom workshop writer.

Bourne to Write is a tutor-led online creative writing community. At our weekly creative writing workshops on Zoom, you can learn how to nurture your imagination while making new friends in a creative environment.

At the moment we have two weekly workshops on Zoom which you can join:

Wednesday evening 7.45pm – 10.15pm

Friday afternoon 2.30pm –

10 Workshop sessions cost £120 which includes weekly advice on homework via email. In the workshop you’ll write a timed exercise and share it with the group, you’ll get homework, which you will also read out, recommended reading and workshop notes for every session.

The weekly Zoom workshops take a student-centred approach to creative writing, offering a range of strategies to help you develop as a writer. Participants are encouraged to explore their creative writing potential through self-awareness and self-discovery.

The Zoom workshops are suitable for aspiring writers of all levels and abilities and for anyone with a strong interest in reading and writing, who would like to deepen their understanding of the creative process.

I also offer one-to-one tuition and regular specific topic workshops with full notes.

If you’d like to join call Roddy on 07758 367479  or email:

‘Being a complete luddite it took me a while to get round to using Zoom, but Roddy took me through it step by step and now I’m a complete convert and enjoying every minute of the workshop. Its the most fun I have all week.’ Dave Reynolds – Zoom workshop writer.


Specific Topic Workshops

The next specific topic workshop is an essential for all writers.

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